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Important[edit source]

Wanted to let you know not to give the user Inglyist any important permissions in the case of him asking you (he tried to ask me on my talk page). He wants to translate the wiki to Russian (don't know if that's something gamepedia has or if its just automatic) and is citing that he created a Russian version of the wiki on fandom as a reason he should be given these permissions. However, in the past he has scammed the game's patreon and leaked content exclusive to patreons as well as providing free downloads for the game's music and was banned from the game's discord for all of that, as well as posting developer's personal info (which they did not want posted) on said Russian translation wiki. I doubt he would be given these permissions but wanted to let you know in the event he tries to go through Gamepedia staff. Ball (talk) 02:31, 13 March 2020 (UTC)