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The following is a more in-depth description of SCP: Unity's developers, which officially operate collectively under the name Aerie Gaming Studios.

Zornor90[edit | edit source]

Zornor90 or Big Bird is the main developer of SCP: Unity. Zornor started the project alone, and it was not until about a year ago that most of the other developers joined the team. He is responsible, as of now, for most of the AI, a small amount of models and textures and most if not all of the game's primary systems including but not limited to worldgen, items and pathfinding.

Senior Developers[edit | edit source]

The Senior Developers, colloquially known as The O5s, are the primary directors of the project and both develop themselves and help form the game's direction.

Shadowscale[edit | edit source]

Shadowscale or Shadowscale48 is a senior developer for SCP: Unity. He is responsible for the models of multiple rooms, props and SCPs, as well as the game's lighting and textures. He is the director of graphics and assets for the project.

Error[edit | edit source]

Error or EternalError is a senior developer for SCP: Unity. He is responsible for almost all of the code that Zornor did not create, including the functions of SCP-330, upgrades of AI code made by Zornor, a heavily improved UI, and several future additions such as new SCPs. He is the director of the UI and a scripter.

Aruspice[edit | edit source]

Aruspice or Victor T is a senior developer for SCP: Unity. He is responsible for many of the game's models and animations, especially for those of NPCs. He is the director of creature design and also models props for the game.

Corvus[edit | edit source]

Corvus or Corvus B. is a senior developer for SCP: Unity. He is responsible for the game's main theme and several sounds. In the future, he will also be responsible for coding in sounds when FMOD is implemented into the project. He is the director of audio.

Developers[edit | edit source]

The Developers, colloquially known as Level 5 Personnel, are the most numerous category of developers. They both contribute ideas and add to the projects themselves, though not as frequently as senior developers.

Opouly[edit | edit source]

Opouly is a developer for SCP: Unity. He is responsible for some UI design, the game's HUD in particular, as well as designing the game's loading screens and the screens of several computer monitors in-game.

RadinQue[edit | edit source]

RadinQue is a developer for SCP: Unity. He is an animator and programmer. Some of his work includes the animations for SCP-106. Examples of his work can be found on the game's official Youtube channel.

Shakles[edit | edit source]

Shakles is a contributor for SCP: Unity. They are an animator. The status of their work is currently unknown, but examples of their work can be found on the game's official Youtube channel.

Wasp[edit | edit source]

Wasp, otherwise known as Commander Wasp or DL Baryonyx , is the community manager for SCP: Unity. He is the head moderator of the project's discord as well as a moderator on the project's forums. In addition, he contributes a large amount of ideas for the game, as well as being the former creator of the game's labels and the current creator of the game's documents.

Name Redacted[edit | edit source]

Name Redacted or Hagrid is the creator of the project's forums and is a moderator on the forums. He is not usually active outside these forums, however.

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Contributors are minor developers for SCP: Unity. Usually, they only work occasionally and work under one of the main developers. Only contributors who directly contribute to the game are included on this list, as some contributors got such a role from work on the project's discord.

FireFox[edit | edit source]

FireFox is a contributor for SCP: Unity. He is responsible for many of the game's musical pieces. He is a composer. He also composes for many other SCP games including the original containment breach game. He was originally a developer, however ran into serious personal issues where he was forced to direct his attention elsewhere. He eventually returned, however it is presumed that he now has the contributor role instead due to some still existent personal issues that continue to require his attention, though alternate reasons may exist, but this remains the most likely.

Punkie[edit | edit source]

Punkie is a contributor for SCP: Unity. They create concept art for the game as well as room blueprints. They have created concepts and blueprints. They have created concepts and blueprints, however these blueprints have not been made into models yet and their concepts are not yet released to the public. When they are, they will be found on the Concept Art page.

PixelPuffin[edit | edit source]

Pixel Puffin is a contributor for SCP: Unity. They create concept art for the game, seen on the Concept Art page, as well as some other art for the game, such as the anniversary artwork used in Version 0.5.8.

Scotty2Hotty999[edit | edit source]

Scotty Venable (also known as Scotty2Hotty999) is a contributor for SCP: Unity. He contributes to audio and sound design. He is also the Team Leader for the Media Interaction Marketing Team. They are known to have created some door sounds.

Voice Actors[edit | edit source]

Voice Actors are people who have voiced for the game.

Corvus[edit | edit source]

Corvus, as well as being a developer, has made multiple voices for the game, including the Vent Room's voice and SCP-983's voice.

Stealthy Zoroark[edit | edit source]

Stealthy Zoroark or Graham Ruruku is a voice actor for SCP: Unity. He voiced the radio call in the starting room.

Translators[edit | edit source]

Translators are people who translate the game into a different language. All known translators will be listed here. This list is incomplete as of now and will be updated.

  • Wasp/DL Baryonyx - French
  • Corvus - German
  • Emil215p - Danish
  • Oleg720 - Russian
  • Jack Avante - Czech
  • Krzysztof Krykwiński - Polish
  • Gaspar Corrarello - Spanish
  • Antonio Romano - Korean
  • BartCloni - Dutch
  • Axel Holm - Swedish

Former Developers/Contributors[edit | edit source]

Zackonark[edit | edit source]

Zackonark or Grimm was a contributor/developer/senior developer for SCP: Unity. He was formerly a senior developer, and was responsible for many room models along with the overhauled theme and design of the Light Containment Zone. He retired from the position as he believed he couldn't focus on the project at all times. Despite stepping down, he still continued to be the environments director for a short while until he left the team entirely, citing the same reasons as before. Despite leaving, he still remained in contact with the devs. Eventually, he returned to the development team as a contributor, but has since left a second time but remains in contact with the devs.

Apocryphos[edit | edit source]

Apocryphos or Iudex Apocryphos was a contributor for SCP: Unity. He was responsible for some of the game's NPC models and some of the game’s animations. He is an animator. He was originally a level 5 developer, however was demoted/stepped down for unknown reasons. He later left the team entirely, supposedly to work on the NTF mod for the original Containment Breach game.

ConstλChymic[edit | edit source]

ConstλChymic was a modeler who worked under Zackonark. They created the Secure Storage 2 room model and several incomplete hallway models. They were relieved as they did not have sufficient time to work on the project.

Isofaux[edit | edit source]

Isofaux was a contributor for SCP: Unity. He created room blueprints; his SCP-914 blueprint was used in creating SCP-914's containment chamber. He was removed at his own request, having not done anything for a long period of time.