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This page is a list of all console commands in the game and what each one does.

Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Name Description
DebugMode The combined effects of Disable106, Disable173, NoClip and Sanic
DespawnEntity Despawns the specified entity
DisableHud Disables the HUD
DisplayStats Displays the player's name and the game's seed
DoObjective Does the specified objective
SpawnHere Spawns the specified entity
EnableHud Enables the HUD
string GetEnumValues Unknown
GodMode Makes the player immune to damage
ListEntities Lists all spawnable entities
ListItems Lists all spawnable items
ListRooms Lists all rooms in the current zone
NoClip Allows the player to fly and pass through walls
Sanic Greatly boosts the player's sprint speed.
SpawnEntity Spawns the specified entity
SpawnItem Spawns the specified item
SpawnItems Spawns a specified number of a specified item
TeleportToRoom Teleports the player to a specified room
ToggleFog Toggles Fog

Entity List[edit | edit source]

Entity Code
SCP-106 scp106
SCP-173 scp173

Item List[edit | edit source]

Item Code

Room List[edit | edit source]

Room Code